A Perspective on Destiny and Free will

Before I share my perspective on this age old debate about destiny and free will, let us see what Google has to say about them.

Destiny– the events that will necessarily happen to a particular person or thing in the future.                                                    OR

the hidden power believed to control future events; fate.

Free will– the power of acting without the constraint of necessity or fate.The ability to act at ones own discretion.

There are three types of people in the world..

1.) Those who believe in Destiny

2.)Those who believe in Free will

3.) Those who don’t care

We are going to discuss only about the first two types.

Now, think of all the good events/experiences that happened in your life and try to figure out whether you created those experiences or you were destined to have those experiences. Also think about all the so called negative events in your life and think again- Who created these situations( YOU?) or you were destined to experience them.


Well I would say all that is good is created by me and all that is bad/ or anything I don’t like is happening because it was destined to happen (KIDDING). Blaming all the negatives on something/someone is the easiest way to avoid responsibility.

Coming back to the main topic I would say that..

” You are the Creator of your Reality.”

Yes. You are the creator of whatever you are experiencing. You create it with your thoughts, feelings and beliefs

The above statement may offend the people who believe in destiny. You may argue that there are events happening around that look beyond control like- our birth, accidents, earthquakes, tsunami, etc

Lets make it simpler. Before birth you choose your Highway and during life you choose the Lanes. The Highway is the permanent life parameters like- parents, country you are born, skin colour, pre-set milestones like- a great fortune, your illness, particular life partner, etc

Whereas you choose your lanes every second of your life- with your Thoughts. The repetitive thoughts becomes Belief systems, which gets stored in the subconscious mind and it affects your next choice in life. So whenever something negative happens we think.. “Life has done this to me.” We don’t realize that we have the power to choose the right lane/direction by changing our beliefs and thought patterns.

It is important to understand that no matter what highway is destined for you, it is in your power to choose the right lane which will eventually lead you to your destination and make your journey Happier.





Tarotscope 2016

ARIES : ( Mar 21- Apr 19)

For all you Arians, the year 2016 is going to be super great in terms of finance and career. This year you will have all your material goals fulfilled, which includes buying new property or going on a luxury travel destination. Tarot advises you – not to rush into new relationships. Be careful who you befriend. Arians will have to take care of their health as there are possibilities of throat related problems. Overall its a great year to meet your career and financial goals.

Advise card for 2016: The Chariot

Stay focused, take charge of your life and don’t wait for best time to come. Move forward with confidence.

TAURUS : (Apr 20- May 20)

The Taurians who have been hard on luck will be extremely happy to know that this year is going to be smooth and easy going. The wheel of fortune is in your favor and a lot of financial opportunities will come your way. New and lasting relationships will be formed this year. Singles will find new love and those married can expect child birth. Health is going be great. Those trying to recover from major health issue will be recovered this year or will definitely be in a better health state. Overall year 2016 will bring you lots of opportunities – new friendships, love, finance. Make the most of it.

Advise card for 2016: Nine of Pentacles

Be self confident, self sufficient, self reliant, independent and free. You are close to achieving your goals, so don’t give up. Spend some time in nature. Take short breaks/holidays from time to time- it will keep you balanced.

GEMINI : (May 21- June 21)

Geminies are going to be the luckiest this year. Your finance and career is going to be thriving this year. All you touch will be a great success. Your friend circle will increase and you will meet a lot of like minded people who would make your life more exciting. A great year to get married or to start a committed relationship. Health would be good but there are chances of having  anxiety and mood swings often. Overall this year is going to make most of your wishes come true. Pay more attention to your intuition while taking big decisions.

Advise card for 2016 : Three of cups

Be open to meeting new people and making new friends and contacts. Socialize more. Celebrate life.

CANCER : (June 22- July 22)

For the Cancerians, year 2016 is going to be like a – waiting period especially in terms of career growth. Nothing much may seem changing and 2016 is not the year for changing job or career. In relationships you may find yourself being dominated by others or will have to give in to the opinions of others. Advise is to be diplomatic and protect yourself. The most positive part for the Cancerians this year will be health. Overall this year will teach you patience and acceptance. By the end of the year 2016, things will start working in your favor.

Advise card for 2016 : Eight of Pentacles

Stay focused. Your hard work will not go in vain. Life may seem to have become monotonous, but remember 2017 is not far away.

LEO : (July 23 – Aug 22)

For all you Leo’s out there the year 2016 is going to open new avenues of income. Expect an increase in income, promotion, new job opportunities and if you have been thinking of starting your own enterprise, this year is definitely going to support you. On the relationship front this year, you might face many lows. Be careful who you befriend because there are possibilities of being cheated or betrayed. You will also have to take extra care of your health. Stay away from addictive habits – may it be alcohol, junk food or any. Major lifestyle changes regarding health would help you. Overall, this year would bring you mixed results.

Advise card for 2016 : Six of Swords

Don’t hesitate in asking for help as well as moving out of an unhealthy relationship. Argue less. Meditate and think positive.

VIRGO : (Aug 23 – Sept 22)

For the Virgo’s 2016 is going to be one of the best years of your life. Money will be flowing better than it has before. Expect all your career and finance goals to be fulfilled. Relationships will get stronger – whether it’s friendship, love or any other. Previous misunderstandings will be cleared and you will become a more balanced  person. Health too will be in great shape. Overall a year of dreams coming true. Enjoy.

Advise card for 2016 : King of Swords

Before taking important decision or starting something new seek advice from a professional or someone with more experience.

LIBRA : (Sept 23 – Oct 22)

For the Librans year 2016 may not be as best as expected in the area of finance but definitely there won’t be major loses as well. This year brings you people who will be charmed and influenced by you. Health would be good and overall this year will make you more mature. You may feel the need for some more space and you would also indulge in meditation, yoga or other wellness activities.

Advise card for 2016 : Nine of Pentacles

Don’t let boredom overtake you. Stick to your goals. Have faith in your self.

SCORPIO : (Oct 23 –  Nov 21 )

For the Scorpions year 2016 offers great potential to start new business ventures. You are gifted with long term vision, so make good plans and follow them. Your relationships and health will be going good . Overall this year will be much better compared to 2015. There will be some kind of celebration in your family and your spirit will be high throughout the year.

Advise card for 2016 : Judgement

Be ready for change. Be honest with yourself. Tune into your higher calling.

SAGITTARIUS : (Nov 22 – Dec 21)

For the Sagittarians, year 2016 brings excellent time for people who’s work involve some level of creativity. Finance would be going good. On relationship front this year will be going smooth. Letting go of your need to be right will help you remain stress free. Overall, you will remain active and enthusiastic throughout the year.

Advise card for 2016 : The Hanged Man

Don’t try to control the present – people, things, situations. Try to make peace with uncertainty. Meditate and get in touch with your inner self.

CAPRICORN : (Dec 22 – Jan 19)

All you Capricorns in the creative fields –  acting, music, dance, painting and all the creative souls are going to have one of the bestest years of your life. Your career will get a great boost in 2016 and all the other capricorns too will have a good year career wise. Those who are in a committed relationship may enter matrimony and there are very good chances of child birth this year. You may face some minor health issues in first four months of the year. Overall 2016 will bring you fame, recognition and success.

Advise card for 2016 : Eight Of Cups

Don’t get depressed by minor setbacks. Learn to move on. Stay positive.

AQUARIUS : (Jan 20 – Feb 18)

For the Aquarians who have been dissatisfied with their jobs in 2015 or who have felt that their work has not been appreciated/noticed, the time is going to change for better. 2016 assures fruits of your labour. You will be more focused this year and also achieve work satisfaction. This year brings opportunity of new love for singles and aquarians can also expect emotional support from friends and family. People who are suffering from any kind of health issues should take extra care of themselves. Overall this is a positive year.

Advise card for 2016 : Wheel Of Fortune

Keep yourself centered and balanced so that you can stay calm and make good decisions when your world seems out of control.

PISCES : (Feb 19 – Mar 20)

For all you dreamy Pisces out there, the year 2016 is going to bring you opportunities to be creative and express your enthusiasm. Your new bright ideas will materialize into successful ventures. So go ahead with confidence. Those who are into abusive or disharmonious relationship with family, spouse, siblings or friends will finally get the courage to break the negative bond. Piscians will become more health conscious and will definitely enjoy good health. Overall 2016 will be a great year if you follow your instincts.

Advise card for 2016 : Two of Swords

Be rational in making decisions. Try to get more facts before you make an informed decision.


Master’s degree in Irritation

Well there is no official educational degree as the title of the blog. But each and every one of us has at least a bachelor’s degree in the field of Irritation.  This degree is further divided in two branches: 1) The Irritator 2) The Irritated

Let’s see each of these in detail

  1. The Irritator: The “irritator” is a person who does things like these;
  • They do not understand what you try to tell them.
  • They ask questions you don’t like answering.(Always)
  • They have different views.
  • They do not fit in your definition of perfection.
  • They are loud.
  • They don’t have table manners.
  • They don’t follow traffic rules.
  • They do not use deodorant. (smell bad),

So on and so forth.

The list can be endless and mostly customized based on every individual’s perception (likes and dislikes). In simple words these people irritate others.

  1. The Irritated: The “irritated” is a person who gets annoyed, agitated and irritated by the above mentioned behavior of people. These people get irritated with other people’s mistakes and also when things don’t happen the desired way.

From the above defined branches we can put ourselves into any one of the category OR maybe both.  Most of us are either irritating others or are getting irritated. But in reality the two categories complement each other and create a vicious cycle of anger and stress.

The famous psychiatrist and psychotherapist Carl Jung has righty said that, “Everything that irritates us about others can lead us to an understanding of ourselves”

It’s important to understand that the external world is merely the reflection of our inner world. Our internal reality(thoughts and feelings) is projected as our external reality. So if there is something which you do not like about others, you can take it as a “pointer” to go within yourself.

Say for example that you are very much irritated by the carelessness of your kid in his/her studies. You have tried all ways to make him/her more serious about studies but all in vain. This is your external reality. Now take it as a pointer to go within yourself.  Ask yourself, “What are the areas in life where I am being careless?”  “Am I taking enough care of my health?” “Am I taking care of my social responsibilities? Etc. As you go within and find areas in your life which need care and work and start making necessary changes, you will become more balanced. You will observe that as your momentum of irritation and anger towards your kids carelessness decreases (as a result of inner work) , the kid also becomes more open and receptive to your advice. So whenever you experience any kind of irritation, take it as a pointer to go within yourself and find the block which is reflecting and attracting irritation in the outside world. This self-inquiry technique will help you become more balanced and in tune with life.

So if each one of us starts taking the irritating situations and people as pointers to go within self and make necessary changes than I am sure that no one would get a Masters in Irritation and it will be removed from the syllabus of life for ever.

Who is Responsible?

What are you feeling right now or what is your state of mind at this moment? Happy/Sad/Angry/Bored/Indifferent/Hurt…Have you ever thought “WHY I am feeling this and who caused that feeling?” Most of the time it is because of someone or because of a situation created by someone(both good and bad). In short we believe that external situations and people are responsible for our state of mind.

Lets take some examples to understand better.

State 1.) Consider that you are feeling very happy because you have found the love of your life and you are extremely happy with the person you love. So you start thinking that the other person/your partner is the source of your happiness. You believe that he/she is responsible for your happiness and your state of mind is calm and steady. 

State 2.) Somehow your relationship does not work out and your partner dumps you. Now you are hurt,sad and in pain. Who is responsible?…Your partner, Karma,God,..,….

Well it is very important to understand that every time we say our feelings are because of situations or people, we are  blaming them for our state of mind which indirectly indicates that our power/inner strength is dependent on external situations. Each one of us is responsible for our feelings. People are not responsible for how we feel and we are not responsible for how others feel. Irrespective of things happening outside, we consciously choose our feelings inside. So it is necessary to shift the perspective from blame to personal responsibility. We need to be aware of typical situations or personality traits in people like dishonesty, laziness, being late etc which cause irritation, anger or hurt. And consciously choose to remain stable in response to people’s behavior. Even if something has happened in the past, we cannot blame the past for our feelings today. Our feelings today are entirely our choice and our responsibility. Everything outside is a stimulus – past experiences, present situations, planetary movements. Irrespective of the stimulus, the response is our creation.

Love,peace and happiness are inbuilt functions in each and every human. We are born with these qualities and no external condition can change it until we allow it. Nothing outside needs to be perfect for us to experience our own qualities, we already have them.

The Kingdom Of Fear

The title sounds very dramatic but is quiet apt to the topic I am going to discuss. All of us are aware and used to fear and have experienced it atleast once in lifetime( for those who say “I am not afraid of anything”). It is very interesting to understand how we are lost in the delusion of fear and are ruled by fear due to our limited thinking.

Fear is natural in life, simply because life is “uncertain”. We fear because we want everything to be certain and guaranteed. We want success guaranteed, love guaranteed, loyalty guaranteed and so on. Anything which we cannot know for certain, we start fearing and resisting it. The most appropriate example would be Fear of failure. We don’t do the things we always wanted to do because we fear we would fail or we are not sure if people will like it. There are lot of other fears but the worst thing is to be always driven/ruled by fear.

People have different fears based on their conditioning as children. We are programed to think according to our culture/religion and family/society environment. The renowned author Paulo Coelho writes-” We are born with the fear of falling(from a height i.e physical) and the fear of loud noises, All other fears are imposed by the society”. It is absolutely relevant because a child is only afraid under these two circumstances. The fear we have are just the projections of what is stored in our subconscious mind. Once we see that our subconscious fears- not external circumstances- are the real problem, we can take charge of ourselves and our lives. And once we take charge, we can be, do and have anything we want and are no longer ruled by fear.

People say it is not that easy to break through the cycle of fear. The reason people stay prisoners of fear is because they never see it for what it is- fear is very ordinary, its extremely limited in its power/intensity and cannot influence you if you just develop some understanding of it. Understanding fear is about getting to know it- as it is, by removing all your delusions about it and than dissolving it by allowing the fear so that it balances out. Whatever you allow fully always loses its negativity. The fear gains more and more intensity because we keep on resisting it. Well, the point is that if you have a certain fear don’t get pulled by its momentum, take some time out daily, sit and be allowing of it and you will see that slowly it will lose its grip from your subconscious and you will have more inner stability.

Lets take an example. If your mind is going crazy with the repetitive fear/thought of “I can’t live without him/her” – if you have inner stability you will have the space to allow the mind to have its moment of grief without getting into a twirl to reassure/fix it, knowing that its momentum will die away with time. On the other hand , if you lack inner stability you will end up sending a hundreds of texts to your ex, making it all worse. To fix the fear you just need to stop buying into everything the mind has to say and the mind will sort out on its own. Developing this inner stability is the basic foundation needed to have a balanced life and in this state of mind there can be no kingdom of fear.

OMG! We are radioactive

Yes..we are all radioactive. To prove this point first lets see the technical definition of the word radioactive which says- Material that emits radiation energy in the form of alpha,beta,gamma particles or rays which can damage living tissue. No need to go into the technical depth of the word, we will just catch a simple meaning that anything that emits energy which is harmful can to called radioactive.

It is a general observation that we humans think in mainly 6 modes/6 ways

Love, Hate, Fear, Joy, Boredom, Sexuality

Imbalance toward any of these modes of thinking affects all the other modes of thinking. By imbalance I mean (1) too much focus /thinking on any of these mode of thinking (2) ignoring/suppressing any mode of thinking. To live a balanced and happy life it is important to have homogenous balance in each mode of thinking- just like to make a white color you have to mix the 7 colors of rainbow in equal amount.

It is very important to understand that a thought has no emotion, it is just a thought- just like a color does not have a smell, but we can distinguish colors, in same ways thoughts can be distinguished as Love based, Fear based, Joy based,etc without any need to feel the emotion. Its only when a simple thought is given too much energy and fueling of your Focus, that it starts getting stored in your subconscious and starts creating feelings in your body. The subconscious carries these emotions or heavy thoughts until they are cleared/released out consciously by letting them go.

Now coming to the main topic- Each on of us is imbalanced towards a particular mode of thinking and have accumulated heavy blockages in our subconscious mind related to that mode of thinking. So our body emits energy in accordance to what is stored in our subconscious. This means if you are experiencing anger from people around you or getting into unnecessary conflicts, its just a Wake up call for you telling you that the momentum of anger is inside of you and whatever is happening outside is just a reflection of it.


Similarly if you feel that nobody loves or appreciates you, than this indicates that you are the one who is radiating energies like “I am not lovable”, ”i am not worth it” unknowingly.Our external reality is the mirror of our internal reality. Generally we blame other people for how we feel- may it be anger,hurt,hate,etc but in reality other people or circumstances that we face are just the triggers for what is already stored in us. The day to day experiences we have are the indications of what is stored in our subconscious mind. We just need to realize it and release it.So it does not matter if we are radioactive because we also have a conscious mind and can choose what to radiate.

Why don’t certain goals materialize?

Most of the people have this question in mind. I am talking about “certain” goals because there are some goals which are achieved easily, but some goals do not.. no matter how much hard work or smart work we put in, no matter how many positive affirmations we put in and no matter how much we pray. It simply does not materialize.And after going through all this some people lose faith in their goals/desires and complain that the Creator/God is unjust,some loose enthusiasm in life while some crazy people like me take it as a challenge and go out in search of answers of such absurd questions of life.Through much study, research and spending thousands of bucks on self help/spirituality/wholistic living workshops I have found out answers and reasons for such questions.

Getting back to the main topic- Why don’t certain goals/wishes/desires materialize? To understand this question we will first understand the mind. There are two types of Mind 1.Conscious mind 2. Subconscious mind. Research suggests that the conscious mind possesses 10% of mind power while subconscious mind possesses 90% of the mind power and it is also known almost by everyone that using your mind power you can possibly achieve everything you want. But how many people in this world are able to tap into the subconscious mind and use it fruitfully to live a wonderful life? Almost every book you read which talks on the power of mind has to say the same things and gives different techniques to manipulate the subconscious mind. After trying all such techniques and failing in most of them I have come to a certain realization, that is-

“For a desire to manifest/goal to materialize it is necessary that your Conscious mind and your Subconscious mind are in alignment with each other “

Eg: Your goal is- To get a new job which pays you more and gives you job satisfaction within 3 months.

Now this is your Conscious goal which you have decided taking into consideration your present desires. This was the work of the conscious mind. But this goal did not manifest and you get fustrated with life.The reason you are not getting the job you want is the subtle mental blockages stored in your subconscious mind which constantly conflicts with your conscious goals.

The subconscious blocks can be as silly as these:

– I will have to adjust in new work environment with new people.

-new job should only be in this(particular) city.

-what if the new boss is worst than the present one

These are just examples but there can be thousands of subconscious fears and blockages which we are consciously unaware of and which does not let our desires to manifest. Lets take another example.There are people who consciously want to get married and settled down or want to get into a long term relationship but do not find a suitable partner for them. They always complain that ” I am already in my mid thirties but still have not found my kind of guy/girl”. These people subconsciously carry thought patterns like

-“My freedom will be gone”

-“Marriage is a big responsibility. I can’t handle it”

They are consciously hunting/searching for partners but subconsciously emit energy radiations as mentioned above. Our body constantly emits energies according to what has been stored in our Subconscious mind and we know that, we get what we give. This is the reason why, instead of consciously making efforts to achieve something we are not able to achieve it. So it is very important to find out what are the mental blockages which we have stored in our Subconscious mind knowingly and unknowingly and release them.

In upcoming posts we will see in depth about the blockages and ways to remove them.